Also known as Backlight. This is game has won so many outstanding reviews because of its simplicity playing nature. It has excellent graphics and it can be installed even in the simplest and small PCs making people to have the best experience in playing the game. Clear instructions make the game wonderful and easy to play and mostly, people enjoy it because it has the best chapters and characters. Before playing the game, you need to go through all the instructions to ensure that you understand the game perfectly to avoid messing up in the complicated levels.

bernardoExperience the hyper reality of warfare, fight against or with your friends to invade the territories and become a legend on the land. Get the true fighting spirit that would always make you to be strong and never to give up. Choose the perfect weapon for the perfect enemy and ensure that you perform war duties as a true soldier. Make the best moves to earn more sophisticated weapons that will make you pursue your enemies with a lot of simplicity and easy. Get the unrevealed wealth of the land and ensure that you become a hero of your own.

The game comes with options to customize your weapon in respect to the complexity of your enemy and ensure that you get the best ways to find your enemies without them finding you. This is the best way to ensure that you do not lose any battle that you are fighting for.