An Overview Of FFC Connectors

A lot of people, especially those who are not all that interested when it comes to devices and their parts, don’t know what FFC connectors are though we’re sure that they’re seen one before. It’s basically the only part of a laptop’s inside that looks very much like a simple plastic strip; laptops are not the only devices where FFC connectors can be found. Actually, almost any variety of electrical cable that’s flexible as well as flat can be considered as FFC connectors.

FFC Connector Overview

                FFC connectors are used instead of the traditional round cables since they’re a lot easier to manage especially when required in high-flex applications. As you might have noticed, they use a lot less space than the usual round cables. FFC connectors offer enhanced RFI or EMI suppression as well as eliminate those annoying wire tangling situations. In addition to those advantages, FFC connectors are lighter and offer better flexibility, this is possible because of the individually protected wires; unlike the round cables, they’re not wrapped again and again with varying materials.The ingenious little piece of technology was invented by Cicoil Corporation way back in 1956. The engineers of their company during that time discovered how to use a brand new material called silicone rubber to create a flat cable which contains numerous conductors of roughly the same size. Because of its appearance, looking like a flat tape or ribbon, it was called a ribbon cable. Thanks to the creation of the of the ribbon cable, companies and manufacturers were able to replace a lot of those stiff and bulky round cables.

Not only is it better to look at, it’s also considerably a lot easier to manage than the round cables. Imagine if we were stuck with round cables, phones and laptops would be a lot bulkier than they are today.

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