Facetime Or Skype?

Video chat platforms have made impressive strides in their evolution from ooVoo the pioneer in its field, to the platforms we use on a regular basis like Skype and Facetime. Now, Skype and Facetime are the two most popular and utilized video chat platforms  to date. Skype was introduced as third party app that was brought to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Their ease of access and usability made them the ultra-popular video calling service that became famous on the PC and Mac. The other is Apple’s own child, which was released alongside the iOS 4 a couple of years ago. Both of these platforms have similar stats on paper so you would think that they perform similarly as well, but the experiences are quite different.

Now, lets discuss about the usability of both the platforms. If you are a Skype user already, and use it on the desktop then the iOS version will shock you. The iOS version for Skype presents a take-it or leave-it scenario which will seem obsolete to you compared to the desktop version. The desktop version has a multitude of options to enhance the video chat experience whereas the iOS version seems primitive in comparison. One of the main differences between Facetime and Skype is that Skype for iOS allows you to make calls from both Wi-fi and cellular networks. It is outstanding how well Facetime has done for itself compared to the success of Skype. This question arises due to the lack of functionality in the platform reviewed by many users. facetime for pc has only two main options and that is whom to call and their email address. But this necessarily ain’t a bad scenario cause some people prefer an always ready app and extremely simple to use.

Next we shall look into the performance of these platforms. Skype has an excellent performance record with its video and audio quality ranging from nominal when video chatting through iOS to excellent when the person uses desktop or mac. The only drawback to Skype is the lag experienced when a user video chats using their cellular network. There is also an occasional call that just abruptly stops midway. The service insisted that they were working on that bug. Now Facetime on the other hand performed extremely well much better audio-video quality as compared to Skype over the same Wi-fi. Performance wise there is no doubt that Facetime definitely performs better than Skype.


Finally, compatibility. There is no contest here. Basically to use Facetime you have to be an Apple user whereas Skype is found on almost every other platform ranging from iOS phones to windows to desktops. So as we have seen usability goes to Skype, performance to Facetime and compatibility to Skype again. The answer is simple if you are down to the choose on whether to choose Facetime or Skype. If you are an Apple user then you should opt for Facetime. Otherwise in the case of any other device Skype is to be preferred.

Movies And Shows- Now Just A Click Away!

In a fast paced world where everyone is running the rat race to succeed, it sometimes becomes vital to wind down and enjoy the small pleasures of life. And for a majority of the population, this involves indulging in the delights that the billion dollar entertainment industry presents to us in the form of movies, sitcoms and videos. But not everyone can buy tickets and invest on these movies on a daily basis. Watching them at your pace, in the comfort of your home for free seems like a distant dream right? Wrong! With the influx of captivating apps like ShowBox this dream has become a reality.


Specifically designed for smartphones, the ShowBox app provides free streaming of almost every movie, sitcom or video that has been released since 1930. What makes it stand out is its huge inventory, high definition video quality and the fact that every single video is free of cost. Extremely user friendly, it can be enjoyed to the fullest extent by downloading the app on a PC and enjoying HD videos on a large screen. Moreover, if one doesn’t wish to download a particular movie or show, he/she can simply stream it. And for those who aren’t comfortable with android applications or adept at downloading apps, there is a step-by-step tutorial given for them in the official ShowBox website. Marvellous isn’t it?


However, it is important to keep upgrading to the latest version of ShowBox to extract maximum utility value from the app. ShowBox is a notch higher than its competitor websites solely due to its motto to provide free videos at high definition. Not available on the Google Play Store, this app needs to be downloaded externally, but that includes a tutorial as well. Clearly, the makers of ShowBox have left no stone unturned to satiate our generation’s gigantic thirst for knowledge. No wonder it is such a success among the movie loving community. So when are you giving this app a try?

The Delicious Taco Bell Dollar Menu


Taco Bell is one of the most well known fast food brands around the globe. Though eighty percent of their restaurants are located in the United States, Taco gains a worldwide popularity thanks to its varied range of grand menu that includes tex-mex influenced items; the earliest of its kind.

The Taco bell Value Menu is known as the Dollar Cravings or $1 dollar cravings. This particular concept of food items costing only a buck was launched to compete with the other value menus or dollar menus of famed restaurant chains such as the McDonald’s or Wendy’s. It was launched around 2014 on 18th August. Taco’s chief marketing officer Marisa Thalberg claims that the launch is completely irrelevant to the publicity and marketing strategy of competing with the others but it seems that Taco’s budget breakfast menu is clearly an attempt to obtain a business benefit attracting the budget minded customers and shift the limelight from other brands. The current menu of taco Bell contains a total of eleven items. The dollar cravings substituted Taco’s previous value menu ‘Why Pay More’. It is claimed that few of the items from the previous menu still remain on the new one.

Taco Bell offers varieties of delicious items on their menu. It includes CHEESE ROLL UP which is a flour tortilla rolled up with three cheese melted blend A, CARAMEL APPLE EMPANADA where a crispy golden pocket is stuffed with chunks of warm apples dipped in caramel sauce, TRIPPLE LAYERS NACHOS or crunchy tortilla chips and beans covered in warm nacho cheese sauce and on top lays a tangy red sauce, BEEFY MINI QUESADILLAS where seasoned beef coupled with chipotle sauce and blended with three cheese is folded in a grilled flour tortilla, CINNAMON TWIST or puffy corns sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, SPICY POTATO SOFT TACO where warm soft tortilla is filled with crunchy potato bites, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese and chipotle sauce, CINNAMON DELIGHTS 2 PACK or warm pastries with great frosting, cinnamon and sugar, SHREDDED MINI QUESADILLA or shredded chicken chunks combined with three cheese blend and chipotle sauce stuffed in a freshly grilled tortilla, SPICY TOSTADA or a tostada shell topped with beans, cheese, crisp lettuce, tangy red sauce and chipotle sauce, BEEFY FRITOS BURRITOS where flour tortilla is filled with premium Latin rice, Frito chips and warm cheese sauce etcetera. Each costs only $1!

Not only great food items to end the pangs of hunger but Taco Bell offers varieties of drinks also to quench one’s thirst. The drinks too cost only a buck. Taco’s drinks menu has all sodas, Mountain Dew Baja Blast freeze, Starburst Strawberry Freeze, Brisk Ice Tea Mango, Pink Lemonade Tropicana, Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast etcetera.

Food is vigor. Food is fun. The very image of foods taco invokes in one’s mind is enough to make him drool. Taco Bell provides the customers with lip smacking items at only $1 and is one of the ruling fast food establishments around the world.