How To Play the Hang

The Hang is played while it rests on the lap of its player. This is then played through using one’s fingers and hands, instead of mallets, different to how steel pans and other drums are played. The Hang is indeed one of the most captivating kinds of music instruments as it is not used by mainstream society. This is also known to create one of the most diverse and interesting music notes.You can check out this link as a useful reference to know more about the Hang:

How to Play It

When you get to strike or play on the top side of the Hang, you can hear a sound which is like that of a bell, a harp, or a steel pan which is musically tuned. Its notes are also streamlined in a cross pattern and is arranged from a low to high position. When you play it, you can also ascend or descend its scale. This is done by using your left and right hands alternately when you are stirking its tone fields.It is also important to know that every tone field has its own different kind of multiple overtones. These are located in the flattened field that features a dome in the center of the Hang. What most Hang drums have is that it has an extra overtone which is above the octave. This is the one which enables uncommon notes to be created through the use of the Hang.


To sum it all up, getting to play the Hang is not an easy task, as with almost all musical instruments. It requires of you to go through several practices and try in order for you to learn and to eventually perfect the use of this uncommon piece of musical instrument. When you do, you’ll surely find it very amusing and interesting to play on.

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