Marking Top of Richest Celebrities

To make it to the top of celebrity world is never an easy task. Many people are now been celebrated due to their talents and what they can do with them. However, some have made it to top of the list of richest celebrities and they include;

Chris Camino; he is well known for his amazing work over the years which include Jersey Shore in 2009, FriendZone in 2011 and Repo Games also in 2011. He is a producer and works in the Editorial Department and Miscellaneous Crew.  Chris is well known as an outstanding person in the field of meteorology. He is working in the WNBC in New York City. He has been named the greatest TV show presenter where he had previously worked in Cincinnati, Ohio readthrough Metro Weather service and Compo-Weather. In the internet it is said his assets are worth around $500. He is currently the top of the richest celebrities.

Chris Anderson; he was not great in studies that he missed the admission to the university of Houston where he wished to graduate in. He then joined the Blinn College but dropped out after the first year so as to make basketball his profession. Sadly he failed to apply to NBA to join any team that made him join minor teams. Here he acquired popularity due to his amazing performances which got him linked to many teams. He is currently in the Memphis Grizzlies team. His net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Bradley Raymond; he is a director of major cartoon films and a storyboard artist. As from 1993 Bradley is famous for cartoons like My Animation! Boy On the job Lock Stock and Grumble among others. He is also known as a writer for his story writing engagements on Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue in 2010. He is now ranked among richest celebrities for his filmography.


They started from scratch to the top of their game; now we celebrate them.