New Features & Cons Of Kik Messenger

By using the Kik usernames, some of your personal information like your mobile phone number and email address are not shared with unknown contacts or persons. And the privacy option like choosing particular people, kik will allow only them to message you may be in your contacts or not.

If you didn’t start your registration procedure for your kik account, then pick one hard kik username for you so that it was difficult to guess. To use the best usernames, the combination will be the letter, numbers, and some special characters, and need not mention about including your first and last names. Kik friends is a place to find new friends; you can also add filters like area, interests, likes or anything and insert the people who are shown as relevant.

Blocking feature is also available in kik which let users block particular group of individuals creating using filters, or you can also block a particular person. There are several new features of kik messengers. Please read on to learn more.

Feature of new kik Messenger

  • Free to download the use.
  • Chats and send the message to your friends on Facebook.
  • See the latest update from your friends in a ticker.
  • You will get the notification about what’s going on. Like if someone sends you information it will show on the right-hand side of the desktop.
  • Kik messenger notifications.
  • Instant Voice call.
  • Sending Emoticons to any people.
  • Find hot girls around the globe.
  • And much more.

 Cons of Kik Messenger

  • Not suitable for kids.
  • No privacy, pictures will be public for every user.
  • Cannot find the exact location of users.
  • A lot of inappropriate content.

Apart from the above features and disadvantages, there are several other things which may not be included in this article, but you can explore the lot of new things about kik by visiting the official website.

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