Orange Mail Access Dilemma

“I have had this mail for years! I use it for my business and I have tons of important mails in there that I do not want to lose. What are we supposed to do?”

These are some of the complaints and concerns of orange mail users who are soon to be barred from accessing this service due to the sudden discontinuing of the company as an electronic email provider. The service of orange correo acceder mail is set to close on 31st may 2017 after which no one would have access to their account. This email closure would put an abrupt end to numerous other interlinked email channels and addresses. The sources are clear but the reason for the sudden closure is uncertain. Speculations, however is that everyone with the affected mail address would have a form of provisional forwarding service that would enable them make a switch in order to be able to retrieve their mail from an alternative email service. Here comes the dilemma, what would be the alternative. Old email addresses such as yahoo and hotmail may sieve out important mails and tag them as “spam mails” making you unable to receive all your precious long-stored mails.

Advocacy is unintended but a Gmail would have saved you the trouble years back. It would also be the next action since it has a generous capacity of 15GB which would probably accommodate all your orange mail transfers since orange mail only has a capacity of about 2GB. Setting up a Gmail is easy and far more reliable, with numerous features that would give your business a boost such as Google Adwords, and Ad sense. It has antivirus software that detects and eliminates malware. Plus a solid protection system against email hacks.

The inconvenience of switching over may seem tough but it might just be what your business needs.