Pros And Cons Of An Ozonator

Ozone is a gas which is an unstable trivalent oxygen molecule. Ozone molecule is said to be an unstable one because it decomposes to oxygen readily. It is highly reactive with the gases present in the atmosphere. It is used in various commercial and private sectors and hence it calls for the need of an ozonator. The word ozonator is made up of two words – ozone and generator. It is a device which produces and adds a tiny amount of ozone to air, water or anything else and hence results in a sanitizing and oxidising effect.

An ozonator finds a great utility in today’s world though ozone is one of the most debated topics on which people are polarized both in favour and against it. However, it is evident from various laboratory researches and studies that if exposures to even low levels of ozone, if repeated over a long period of time, may result in several diseases such as lung inflammation, allergies, reduced lung elasticity etc.


Then there are studies which portray it as a chemical which when used in an ozonator, produces fresh air, kills bacteria and viruses in food as ozone has a strong penetrating effect. Ozonated water can remove several bacteria such as streptococcus etc leaving no toxicity behind. Even Ozonated oil could be used for health purposes. But it is not any medical device. There are several evidences which support the benefits of ozone air purifier which include reduction in allergies and bacterial respiratory infections. But there is nothing natural about the indoor ozone. Ozone is one of the main pollutants and is toxic.

The ozone air purifiers which are used in houses as a sign of luxury are not are safe. Ozone accumulates in the air (up to 3 days!) and hence is harmful. There is a consensus among various agencies concerning the environmental, health and safety issues that exposure to ozone is acceptable only up to 0.10 ppm. The indoor levels of ozone are much lower in the absence of ozonators.  The high power Shock Treatments are toxic to living beings.


However, ozonators are very useful for several purposes though they also have certain harmful effects. But everything under the sun has pros and cons and so does ozonator. It is safe when used as prescribed and occasional use for beneficial purposes may be appropriate. It is a case where a little is wonderful and a lot is not necessarily fantastic.

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