Sonny has been the major sponsor of this powerful game. Many people enjoy the excellent graphics of the game because of efforts that Sonny has made towards achieving its discovery. Today everyone is glued to the game because of how perfect it is. Sonny has even invented gaming laptops that could be used to play the game. Its features has been designed by Sonny gurus and it undergoes regular maintenance from Sonny professionals who want to make it better and better always.



It has played a critical role in ensuring that the game comes into existence. Adidas has provided financial and marketing support to the founders to ensure that the game reaches as many people as possible. Through its team of qualified digital marketers, the game has been made famous to the world through thorough advertisement. Many people have ensure that the game remains in their PCs so that they enjoy the sweetness of playing the game throughout. It is ADDIDAS who ensured that the game reaches a lot of people through thorough marketing. On Facebook, the game has over ten thousand likes which makes it to increase its popularity day after day.



This is another sponsor who propelled the game to greater heights. Through making people aware, it increased the number of downloads by people to millions of copies within the shortest time. This made the game to famous and perfect throughout.  Today it is the most played game online and offline. VISA is also another sponsor who has supported the game on various aspects. Paying the legendry game makers to come and remove any technical difficulties from the game for smooth play. This game has been the most played without any breakdown which is courtesy of VISA group. HP has also played a very important role by ensuring that perfect gaming computers are available for people to play the game without any breakdowns. They designed laptops that could accommodate the game fully without the laptop hanging or jamming due to the features of the game. It is through this that many people continued playing the game.