The Basics Of Horseback Riding

There are some things you should learn about horseback riding before you get into the sport. While practice does make perfect, it’s best to know all about the proper equipment and how to care for a horse before starting with this unique and calorie burning activity! Horseback riding is indeed a great sport to practice, as you are one with nature and the outdoors. But before all that, it’s best to acquaint yourself with information and tips on how to help you and your horse cooperate together in order to make this a fun activity to do, without any accident or injury.

Learn Tips Online

Website such as will help inform you on how to deal with horses and start horseback riding, as well as provide lessons and tips on the activity! In here, we show you some of the basics you should know about horseback riding before starting, mainly on clothing and equipment.

Proper Clothes

Just like any other sport, you will have to wear the proper clothing to avoid any scrapes and injuries, as well as have you feeling comfortable. These are things recommended for any rider to wear when riding their horse:


  1. Boots – Wear sturdy boots. If not, then wear sneakers or rubber shoes. Do NOT wear sandals or anything slippery! Let them have good traction. No to open toed shoes or slippers.
  2. Wear pants and not shorts as this may cause some minor injury while riding.
  3. Helmets are definitely needed for those accidents that may happen. Safety first!

Proper Equipment

You will need to purchase the proper equipment in order for you and your horse to properly ride together. Here are the basics you will need:

  1. Saddle – This is for your comfort and safety! A good saddle will be comfortable on the back of your horse and your bottom as well.
  2. Bridle – This is so you will be able to properly guide him through twists and turns, as well as learn how to stop him when needed.
  3. Horse care products and tools – These will include horse hooves for your horse to feel comfortable, as well as brushes and products to keep your horse properly cared for. After all, your horse needs some love, too!



With these basic information regarding what you need before horseback riding, you will hopefully become more acquainted with how to cooperate with your horse and how to purchase the proper equipment. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, it’s best to know these things to avoid any accident or injury. You are able to take lessons from instructors or local stables. All it takes is a quick search, and you will be able to find one nearest to you! Have fun and experience your favorite activities in the great outdoors with horseback riding. Not only will you have fun with animals, but you will also get a breath of fresh air and burn some calories as well. Improve your posture and balance through this fantastic sport!

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