The Centre Of Attraction In Your Bathroom- Corner Showers

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Tired of using tubs for your bathroom? Everything needs a change and here comes the one to give a new impressive look to your bathroom- corner showers.

Corner shower contain a set of tool kits that will partition a corner of your bathroom into a room inside which one can have a good bath.

Unlike tubs, these corner showers have varieties of design and the corner shower kit contains doors, tiles, tubs, floors.


There are numerous designs available for each of the components and each gives you a fabulous look on your bathroom.

Some of the expert tips for the installation of corner showers are as follows.

  • Opt for glass enclosures as they are sleek and easy to clean.
  • You can also build a tub inside the corner shower or leave it plain as well.
  • The minimum area requirement should be 36 x 36 inches.
  • You can include shower benches for relaxation purpose.
  • Install corner shower shelves to keep your grooming and cleaning supplies.
  • Choose solid stone tiles instead of ceramic tiles.


  • Choose your tub carefully as many of them will mislead you and make your corner shower cramped.
  • Wrong installation of plumbing features may also lead to leaks.
  • Make sure that the tub has flanges on both edges that meet with the corner walls.
  • If you intend to use a corner shower basket, use stainless steel or nickel. Do not go for chrome-plated steel as they rust soon.
  • After you purchase an acrylic corner shower, be sure to read the manual that guides you in cleaning the unit. Any wrong use of cleaners will create scratches in the shiny surface of the unit.

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