The Crazy Ride

Happy Wheels was created by Jim Bonacci in 2008 and released in 2010 by Fancy Force. Thereafter it had no looking back. Since its release it had been on the top lists and one of the most favorites of the users around the world. Once you start playing the game, there would be no looking back and you will become addicted to the great game. To know more about this amazing game visit The game features several unique and interesting features which you might get amazed to experience.happy-wheels

Brief summary of the game:

  • The first and foremost thing that will catch you attention would be the unique and crazy characters featured in the game. You will find an explorer guy (in minecraft), an irresponsible parent with his kid sitting behind him on a bike and a guy on wheelchair.
  • The thing for which the game got so famous is the graphical violence featured in a humorous manner which will make you laugh hard during the ride in the game. Your character will get severely injured and might even have to lose all of his limbs on the way but will still get going towards the end point until he gets his head or torso smashed. The character might get shot or speared on the way; he might even get crushed through several obstacles on the way to the finish point.
  • Another feature that makes the game so interesting is its in built feature of creating customized levels and thereafter play on your self-created levels. Moreover, there are over 5 million customized levels that have been uploaded on online servers by users on which you can play. You can even upload your self-created levels online for other users to play on.

happy-wheelsWhat are you waiting for anymore? Fasten your belts and get ready for the crazy ride. We assure you to have a humorously great time.

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