The Rich and Famous in Hollywood

Rich and famous can be said for a lot of Hollywood celebrities, through blood and sweat they were able to rank as the best among the best. As stated by numerous websites like have taken it upon themselves to rank Hollywood celebrities according to their wealth and placed high on the list is the famous actor Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks

Being active from 1978 up to now in the big screen is a huge feat in the movie industry, that’s why almost anyone has at least heard of Tom Hanks or have watched a movie related to him. You may have watched him from the hit movies Sleepless in Seattle, Forest Gump, Cast Away and The Da Vinci code. Tom Hanks is an actor as well as a producer and his four decades in the industry has earned him approximately 45 lead roles in varying movies. All his hard work has earned him the rank of the fourth highest grossing actor if we were to base it on his box office success.

It wasn’t always like that, especially in the beginning when he only landed a handful of minor roles; this occurred sometime in the 1980s. But the doors to opportunities were opened full way when he starred in movies like Philadelphia, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan and also had a lead voice role in the classic series ‘The Toy Story.’ Tom Hanks then established his own production company in 1998; the company’s called Playtone. Much like Hanks, the company was also a huge success. Playtone co-produced box office hit like Mamma Mia, The Polar Express and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Playtone has really created a name for itself that other big companies like HBO have decided to partner up for hit TV series like Band of Brothers and Big Love.