Types Of External Hard Drives

External hard drive is the ultimate solution when you are looking for backup solutions for your computers. However, it has become increasingly difficult with the numerous types and options. Before you buy an external hard drive, it is important that you know which type is the best for you, and it definitely requires a bit of research. We have simplified the task for you by having it all in here. External Hard Drives can be broadly classified based on four different attributes: Portability, Interface Connectivity, Usability and the Operating System.

Desktop External Hard Drives (2.5 Hard Drives):

The external desktop hard drives are mainly the highest capacity drives in the market. They are usually about the size of a book. They come in capacities of up to 6TB. Because of their big size, they are not portable, and are parked on the desk. Being big and bulky also means that they are power hungry, and are not one of those plug and play types; they mostly depend on external power sources. Desktop External Hard Drives are high on functionality and features. However, being big in size does not mean that it is the fastest, the external desktop hard drive is on the slower side.

Portable External Hard Drives (3.5 Hard Drives):

Portable external hard drives are the popular ones on the block, with sizes of about a deck of cards. These portable hard drives, as the name indicates, are “portable”. With limited size, the capacities are also smaller.As of 2017, the popular capacities of the Best External Hard Drives of 2017 in this category are, 500GB and 750GB, 1TB, 2TB and etc. The portable hard drives have heaps of advantages, and one of them is that, it is small enough to get powered via its USB port, and often does not need any external power; just plug and play. Though they might not be feature packed, they are on the faster side of things. The portable hard drives are also much fancier than the desktop hard drives.