What You Need To Know About Tour De France

Tour de France is one of the most known cycling races of all time. Riders come from intense training and preparation in order to join this and aim for the win. With a tough path and mountains to deal with, it definitely isn’t one for beginners! Riders pass through different countries, experiencing different kinds of weather conditions and tough terrains. You wouldn’t exactly be called crazy to join such a race, but it will take a lot of skill and determination to at least get through it, much less win!

How the Competition Works

The tour de France is a 3-week long race that consists of rest days and stages that can range from flat surfaces to mountainous paths. This is the most famous of the Grand Tours, the three week cycling race.


It’s done every July, with the route being changed every year. But no matter what route is taken, it will always have the same landmarks and rules applied. Riders will pass through the Alps and other famous mountains, and finish the race in Paris. It’s done around France, passing through countries and other areas.

It’s a whopping 3,500 km race to the finish line, with only two days of rest! There are 20-22 teams composed of 9 riders each, with them having different jerseys to classify who they are and their achievements. Classifications range from age to best time, so it’s an honor to be awarded with the Jerseys they offer. There are points classifications as well, with time and position in the race being the judges’ basis on who wins.

Like mentioned, this is definitely not for beginners. It used to be mainly the French joining this event, but as word spread, the whole world wanted in. While riders around the world join the event, only those who were invited or represented by UCI World Teams are those who join the race. You may have witnessed or watched as your favorite cyclists and riders trained hard for this race, spending hours biking through tough terrains and mountains.

It is now ongoing, starting July 2 and ending on July 24, 2016.


In Conclusion

The tour de France will definitely be a long and intense fight! Interested in following it? You’ll be able to do so through the Tour de France live stream! All you will need to do is to check the official website of Tour de France 2016 and get to watch everything in real time. Watch as riders race their way to the finish line, climbing mountains and hills as they pass through extreme weather conditions and the like. You’ll even be able to watch the previous races of the past years! What are you waiting for? Check it out and watch it live now! The race has started and already, there have been a lot of amazing news on it. Get to know that and be the first to witness it through the tour de France live stream. It just gets more intense by the day.

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